The Ford smart technology system does not require you to learn any new fancy symbols. It is all quite intuitive. It uses the "green, yellow and red" color codes, which you have come to expect.

When you are using "Lane Assist," you will see an image of your truck with two parallel lines on either side. There should be a "green" color when you are still in your lane. If it turns "red," then you are no longer in your lane. Your steering wheel will also vibrate to wake you up.

Your "Trailer Blind Spot Information System" is also color-coded. If there is something in your "blind spot," then the system will flash "yellow." This is a warning to be careful.

Driving your Super Duty is a joy. You can gain peace of mind, avoid accidents and follow the law. You have the "green" light to test drive your Ford. Visit Schmit Bros. Auto today.

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