The 2017 Ford C-Max serves as an ideal family vehicle. Allowing ample space and high end performance features, drivers can rest assured knowing that their vehicle will keep them secure.

The C-Max uses an advanced air bag system. This five passenger vehicle uses canopy airbags for protection. Safely securing the head of your passengers, the canopy airbags will provide security in case of a collision. This unique vehicle also features advanced performance technology. The Electric Power Assistance Steering and Stability Control feature helps maintain your vehicle's performance at all times. Allowing drivers to safely ride through and over snow, ice, puddles, sand and gravel, the EPAS and Stability Control monitors braking and traction of your vehicle.

Whether you're traveling through rugged terrain or harsh road conditions, the new 2017 C-Max will keep you safe and secure. Drivers and their families can take advantage of the advanced features offered in the C-Max.
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