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     Recognized multiple times as one of the best cars for families, the Ford Edge is stylish enough for nights out on the town and easy enough for a quite ride when your kids fall asleep in the back seat. Spacious, powerful, and sleek, the Ford Edge is a perfect car for a family, road trips to the beach, and ideal for nights out on the town with your friends.

     Introduced in the 2007 model year, the Ford Edge has been vital in the Ford and SUV community ever since. It’s a mid-sized SUV that’s spacious enough for small groups of people but at the same time, doesn’t feel like you have too much space. Also recognized as a top safety pick and Urban Truck of the Year, the Ford Edge is perfect for any of your precious cargo and will get you to places you need to go in fashion.

     In only it’s second generation in the thirteen years since its debut, perfection doesn’t need to be changed. With a small face lift in 2018, the Ford Edge has always been up to date when it comes to technological advances and offers multiple trim levels. Why fix what isn’t broken?

      The first of the trim levels is the Ford Edge SE, followed by the Ford Edge SEL. The Ford Edge SEL has unique cloth seats, along with a leather wrapped steering wheel.

      The Ford Edge Limited includes leather trim seats, EasyFold seat back release, dual zone temperature control, and SYNC car connectivity. The Ford Edge Limited replaced the trim level prior to 2008 known as the Ford Edge SEL Plus.

     Finally, the Ford Edge Sport, which made it’s debut in 2009, has leather trim seats with faux suede inserts, SYNC, MP3 player, and optional 22 inch wheels. Now known as the Ford Edge ST, the Ford Edge Sport was replaced by the ST in 2018 as the top trim level.

     Whether you’re a family of five, a business man, taking teenagers to ballet class, or have grown children, the Ford Edge is perfect for you.

     If you’re in need of a new SUV or vehicle, we can help you here at Schmit Bros. We have over 700 cars, trucks, and SUV’s in our network so if there’s a Ford Edge you’re looking for, we are sure to find it.

     Why not update your old SUV to the top safety pick for families?

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