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     When it comes to routine maintenance on your FORD Mustang, you can either work on the car yourself, or take it to Schmit Bros to get things done. If you choose to do things yourself and save money, this guide will give you a brief rundown on the types of routine maintenance work. Regular maintenance is very important to keep your Mustang operating smoothly as well as performing well. Most of us drive a Mustang because we like a car that performs above your average daily driver but to keep things that way regular maintenance is essential.
There are several things to consider when maintaining your Mustang. First, you should not only keep up on it regularly so it doesn't break down or cause serious issues down the road, but you might also find way of improving your FORD Mustang's overall performance at the same time. This article covers a few simple  things you need to be mindful of as you put miles on your Mustang.
Pay Attention to The Tires
You can use the famous coin test to check your tire's tread depth. Most people do not attribute enough credit to the tires when it comes to their Mustang's overall performance. Tires are what are in contact with the ground when you are stopping. Plus, their performance in the rain varies from brand to brand. Do yourself a favor and do not buy cheap tires.
Tires need to be properly inflated. Under-inflated tires will use more gas, as well as build up heat. This could lead to a blowout at sustained highway speeds. Also tires will wear unevenly so be sure to rotate them. Many people rotate with every oil change.
Oil and oil filter
Most synthetic oils go a lot farther than conventional oils. They will last five to ten thousand miles. If you drive your car hard or take it to the track then you will want to change it sooner. Premium brands have shown to reduce wear and reduce friction. If you have the budget and drive your Mustang hard you may want to consider them. At 100K miles you will want to change your automatic transmission fluid. Even if you drive a manual transmission, changing the fluid is also a good idea. While you’re at it you should also change the rear end oil. Going with high quality synthetic oil can actually increase your overall efficiency.
The importance of the brakes
 When you hear the squeal then it's about time to replace your brakes and turn your rotors. So check them every year. More often if you ever put your car on the race track. The same goes for your rotors and brake fluid. You would be surprised at the difference a set of aggressive pads and rotors make in your braking distance and feel.
Other things to remember
All along the way you should keep an eye on all your various lights (headlights, fog lights, brake lights, side markers etc.) as well as other commonly replaced items such as wiper blades and fuel filters. 
At Schmit Bros we have Certified Trained Techs that would love to help you get your Mustang in tip top shape. If you need to schedule a service appointment Call 262 284 8844
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