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            The 2020 Ford Expedition is really something to write home about. One of the longest lasting SUV’s on the road (seriously, they last forever), the Ford Expedition’s popularity just keeps getting hotter and hotter. If you’re in the market for a new SUV, we HIGHLY recommend the Ford Expedition, and here’s why:

{C}1.     It can seat up to eight passengers: Roomy and spacious on the inside, it can hold up to 8 people along with plenty of room for cargo and storage. It is one of the most spacious SUV’s currently on the market.

{C}2.     Has towing capabilities: This bad boy can tow almost as much as a truck. It’s big, strong, and powerful and can get anything you want, anywhere you want.

{C}3.     It is equipped with 4-wheel drive: Not only can it tow, it can also help you in our less than sometimes desirable Wisconsin weather power through the snow, mud, rain, and all of the other things that our lovely (and unpredictable) Wisconsin has to offer.

{C}4.     Awesome climate control: With tri-zone climate control along with heated and ventilated driver and passenger seats, there are also options for heated second row seats as well as specifically placed fans all over to keep everyone in your car comfortable and happy.

{C}5.     The Ford Expedition is known to last forever: It’s not unusual for many of the older Ford Expeditions on the road to get to over 200,000 miles, and then some. All on original transmission and engine.

{C}6.     Its fuel economy beats most of its competitors: Even with 4-wheel drive and towing capacity, it still has better gas mileage than its direct competitors with the same capabilities.

{C}7.     Easy to use and updated technology: Ford’s technology game is on point. With SYNC system, capabilities with Apple car play and Android auto, Bluetooth, and multiple USB sources, it is very user friendly for just about everyone with it’s touch screen display.


            The Ford Expedition has a lot to offer anyone. If you’re looking, remember that at Schmit Bros we have over 700 cars in our dealer network so we can find you exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are here to help and serve you! Stop in today.

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