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            Living here in Wisconsin definitely has its perks: we get the beauty of all four seasons with plenty of activities to keep us busy during those fast summer days and chilly and cozy winter nights. But there’s one thing a lot of people seem to question on their cars during all four of our brilliant seasons: if your all-season tires do the same job as winter tires. Tires in general can be confusing when it comes to brand, what kinds to pick for your car, what is the best value is, and what should be done throughout different months of the year. Do you have to change them? Should you just keep what you have on? How long do they last? How often should you have them checked? We’re happy to help you in our service areas on the Ford and Dodge side as well as in the 1912 Garage with any questions you may have about tires for your vehicles.

            So, what is the difference between all-season tires and winter tires? Although called “winter tires”, they aren’t just for winter. They’re made to handle all types of wet weather, including rain, mud, and sleet. They contain more cuts in the thread of the tire which leads to better grip on the roadway and the ability to push more water off the road with their design. This can also keep you from sliding across ice or getting stuck in a snowbank or a mud pile.

            Since snow to snow contact creates more traction than rubber on snow does, they are designed to grip and hold on to more snow for a better ride; with the ability to stop your car smoother, without slipping. All season tires slide right across ice because they are not made with the same tread that all winter tires are.

            Winter tires are a little more costly than all season tires are, but they can save you from an unnecessary accident at some point, which can also save you money (or a fender bender) in the long run.

            Many types of winter tires are also built solid and good for up to 5 years or 35,000 miles, which means less tire changes in between, yet again, saving you money in the long run with a winter tire investment.

            Any of our sales staff at any of our service counters would be happy to help you with your tire needs. We always have multiple tires in stock, so give us a call or stop on in to see what we can do for you today!
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