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  • Jim Schmit
    Dealer Principal

  • Mike Schmit
    Dealer Principal
    262 284 3100

  • Dan Prom
    CDJR Sales Manager
    262 284 8844

    Dan Prom is a rarity in the automotive industry. With almost 40 years of experience, mostly here at Schmit Bros, Dan is happy to help you find what you're looking for. With lots of emphasis on the relationships he has built with his clients over the years and his love of cars, Dan is the perfect person to help get you in that new car you've been looking at. When Dan isn't helping sell cars, he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grand kids, his property up north, and working on older cars.

  • Nicole Johnson
    Office/Accounting Manager

  • Rick Jarvi
    General Sales Manager

  • Brian Shanahan
    Ford Sales Manager
    262 284 8844

    Brian has seen all aspects and behind the scenes work in the automotive industry. With over 30 years of experience, he has been in sales, finance, multiple management positions, and has even co-owned a car dealership. Growing up on the Northshore of Milwaukee, Brian is Wisconsin born and raised and his car dealership roots have all been local. When he isn't at work, he really enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, golfing, live music, and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

  • Don Monte
    CDJR Car Manager
    262 284 8844

    With over 20 years in the industry, Don Monte is a leader in new and used car sales management.  He prides himself on being honest, fair, and connecting with his customers.  He has a passion for domestic product and has mentored and coached new and veteran sales people for the past 10 years.

    In his free time he loves football, grilling out and bonfires in the back yard, and travelling with his wife.

  • Dylan Hovey
    Ford Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

    Dylan is a prime example of how hard work pays off. Starting out as a lot attendant and working his way into sales, Dylan is happy at his new position as a product sales specialist and ready to sell a car to you today. When he's not going to school or studying for his degree in engineering, Dylan enjoys cars (Ford Mustangs are his favorite), video games, and hanging out with is friends.

  • Trevor Ehlert
    Senior Ford Product Specialist

    Trevor has come to us with over 10 years in the car industry and over 13 in customer service. Born and raised in Sheboygan, Trevor has mostly been in sales and finance management in and around car and the power sports industries. He has been here for the past 5 years, and when he isn't here, Trevor enjoys hanging out with his wife and his son. He also enjoys video games, swimming, golfing, and his 2 dogs.

  • Nicholas Kopp
    Ford Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

    Brand new to the car industry, Nick Kopp is a fulltime student studying K-12 education and would love to some day be a teacher of any grade. A native to Ozaukee county, when Nick isn't here or at school, he loves doing anything outdoors- backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and he's teaching himself how to fish and hunt.

  • Reggie Agnew
    Ford Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

    With over ten years in the car industry and over twenty years in customer service, Reggie is a rare gem in the automotive industry. Growing up in Alabama where his dad was a mechanic and the family car was a 1970's Ford, his roots started before he could even walk or talk. It's obvious to anyone that meets him that not only does Reggie know his automotive stuff, the Ford brand means a lot to him. When Reggie isn't working he enjoys spending time with his kids, working out, reading, and enjoying life to the fullest.

  • Aaron Slusarek
    Business Manager
    262 284 8844

    Aaron Slusarek has worked his way up the Schmit Bros ladder. In 2018, he began his Schmit Bros. career in Sales and currently is the Finance Manager for the dealership. With over 20 years in the customer service and sales industry, Aaron is the very definition of hard work and dedication. He understands the utmost importance of putting the client first, and prides himself on building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with everyone he encounters.

    To no surprise, Aaron is a car enthusiast and hobbyist.  In his spare time, he can be found working on his car and racing it at the track. When he's not doing 120 MPH, he enjoys the relaxing, slow pace of the open water in his kayak and spending time with his loved ones and cats.

  • Kayla Rathe
    Ford Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

    Kayla Rathe started with us at Schmit Bros as a breath of fresh air; Schmit is the only car dealership she's ever worked for and has a few years under her belt as a Ford Product sales specialist. Born and raised in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, when Kayla isn't with us helping sell cars, she enjoys art (her favorites are charcoal drawing and painting), she recently learned how to knit, and she loves cats- she spends time volunteering for the Sheboygan County Humane society.

  • Amber Zolinski
    Ford Office Assistant
    262 284 8844

    With 14 years in customer service and 7 in an automotive setting, Amber is happy to help you with whatever you may need in our Ford office. She was born and raised here locally in Ozaukee County, and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her son, husband, and other family and friends. She enjoys reading in her downtime.

  • Beverley Berndt
    Ford Office Assistant

    Growing up in West Bend Wisconsin, Bev Berndt has worked in customer service for over 20 years and has been with us here at Schmit Bros for over 7. Her warm and gentle presence is a gift for all of us. Bev enjoys cars and going to car shows with her husband in their 1937 street rod, going to sprint car races, watching NASCAR, and going for walks among nature. She enjoys spending time with her family, and is famous for her awesome desserts here at Schmit Bros. Come on over to the Ford side and say hi to Bev today!

  • Jerad Weinfurter
    Ford Service Manager
    262 284 1920

    Soft spoken and kind, Jared Weinfurter is our Ford service manager. Jared has been working with cars since he was a kid. Born and raised in Kewauskum, Jared is the jack of all trades in the automotive industry. He has been a detailer, a technician, has worked in parts, and everything in between. When Jared isn't here, he loves to restore his own cars and go to car shows with his family.

  • Tony Flaiani
    Ford Service Advisor
    262 284 8844

    Growing up near Portland and Bend Oregon and then moving to Sheboygan, Tony has been in the car industry for several years and has seen cars on many sides of the country. He loves foreign cars (especially Ferraris) and is known for his trademark smile. Stop in and see hi to Tony today over in Ford service, where he is happy to help you with whatever you need.

  • Kendra Benson
    Ford Service Advisor
    262 284 8844

    Kendra has been with us at Schmit Bros for over 3 years and has enjoyed working in customer service her whole adult life starting with Disney World, working at Epcot. (How cool!) She's a friendly and familiar face because she often does a lot of our videos! Kendra is married and currently lives in Fredonia. When she's not working, you can catch her travelling, camping, and performing/volunteering in theatrical shows.

  • Quintin Hammonds
    Body Shop Manager

    Quintin is a guy who knows a lot about cars, proclaiming he's been into them since "he was in diapers". Living all over the country in his childhood from Missouri to Florida and Arizona  and many places in between, Quintin has seen a lot of the country before most of us graduated from high school. Happily our body shop manager, Quintin loves to play basketball, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his kids.

  • Tom Longden
    1912 Garage Advisor
    262 284 8844

  • Jeremy Jesinski
    1912 Garage Tech

    Jeremy Jesinski has been working with cars over half of his life...since he was a kid in Kiel, Wisconsin, he always knew he wanted to work on cars. Fresh to the car industry, Jeremy does our service tech stuff over at the 1912 garage. When he isn't here, he really enjoys working on cars of his own for himself or friends and family.

  • Nick Haas
    1912 Garage Service Tech

    Nick has works as a service tech over in our 1912 garage. He has been working with cars for over 10 years. He loves to hunt, fish, and shoot in his spare time. He won the championship state pistol shooters in high school. He has worked at multiple dealerships, but Schmit Bros is definitely his favorite.

  • Nathan Hansmann
    1912 Garage Tech

  • Ken Richards
    1912 Garage Service Advisor
    262 284 8844

    Growing up here on the shores of Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Ken served in the US Army after high school (spending most of his time in Germany) and went to Marquette for Electrical Engineering. He then worked as an Engineering Tech for over 20 years. He has now spent over 6 in the automotive industry and loves his job at the 1912 Garage because of the family atmosphere. In his free time, he loves to play the guitar, read, cook, and spend time with his grandchildren. Stop by the 1912 Garage and say hi to Ken today!

  • Dale Rismeyer
    Ford Parts Manager
    262 284 1925

    If you've been a customer to Schmit Bros Ford over the past 4 decades, you're sure to recognize Dale Rismeyer. His warm demeanor and goofy sense of humor help the days go by fast (and in his case, years!); he is an asset to us. Starting as a co-op student and working his way from a mechanic to the counter to the parts manager, Dale has been with us here for 45 years and is a born and raised Port Washington native. He loves his job and has said that Schmit Bros is the only job he's ever had. He loves Ford products; especially the F-150's. When he isn't with us here, he loves to hunt and fish, train his yellow lab, and spend time with his wife and kids. Stop over at the Ford parts counter office and say hi to Dale today.

  • Rich Glodowski
    CDJR Product Specialist

    Hello, I'm Rich Glodowski. My wife and I have raised a family and lived here in Port Washington/Saukville area since 1995. I worked 30 years in federal law enforcement and conservation, retiring as a senior manager.


    I have been with Schmit Bros. since August 2011. I started in the internet sales department and switched to the Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram sales staff about a year later. I own a 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie, and a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited, so I have personal knowledge of the Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram products, but I am also a certified Ford Product Specialist.

  • Chuck Wallisch
    CDJR Product Specialist

    Hi , My name is Chuck. I've been with Schmit Bros since 1999 (18+ years) and I love it here. I grew up in Port Washington and currently reside in Waubeka with my wife of 32 years. We have a daughter and grandchildren whom I love spending time with.
    Stop in and say hello, I'd love to help you and your family find a vehicle that suits your needs. 

  • John Gibson
    CDJR Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

  • Brandon Ashley
    CDJR Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

    With fresh ideas and a clear mindset, Brandon Ashley is new to the car industry but has over 10 years of general customer service under his belt. Leaving his prior career in business development, he is going to school for computer programming. He really enjoys going new places and seeing new things with his friends; he loves exploring Wisconsin after spending several years in New York state. Travelling is in Brandon's blood and he hopes some day to do more of it.

  • Dennis Anderson
    CDJR Product Specialist
    262 284 8844

  • Brian Cesario
    Special Finance

     Brian Cesario is a special finance manager at Schmit Bros, and we have been lucky to work with him over the last ten years. With 31 years in the car industry, "Cesar" as we like to call him, was raised in Cedarburg. He enjoys being with his wife and his two adult children and anything Wisconsin sports related: Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks OH MY! If you're in need of financing your car, come stop in and see Brian and maybe he can teach you how to Bucky.

  • Brian Jennings
    Special Finance

    Brian Jennings has spent the greater part of his adult life working to help finance people get in the car of their dreams. With almost 20 years in car industry finance alone and 10 with us at Schmit Bros, Brian loves to talk old cars with anyone who walks in the door. He also enjoys hunting and fishing, spending time with his adult children and grand children. Stop in and see Jennings today; he'll be happy to help you finance and talk about any and all types of muscle cars.

  • Angie Hollnagel
    CDJR Service Advisor
    262 284 8844

    Angie has worked all of her adult life in customer service and brings a warmth with her when she talks to customers. She's been with us at Schmit Bros for over a year, but it's felt like it's been much longer, in a good way! Angie was raised in Cedarburg, and when she isn't helping us here at Schmit Bros, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 kids off roading, playing sports, and just enjoying life.

  • Dustin Westphal
    Ford Service Tech

  • Rob Carstens
    Master Ford Service Tech

    Rob is the definition of hard work in the car industry. Starting as a lot attendant, car detailer, in the parts department, and now as a mechanic, Rob has seen and done it all in his 14 years in the car business. The Jack of all trades and master of all, we have been lucky enough to have him here at Schmit for over 10 years! When Rob isn't working on your car, he loves anything outdoors: fishing especially.

  • Todd Ambroziak
    Master Ford Tech

    If you've had your car serviced on our Ford side over the years, there's a good chance Todd Ambroziak has worked on it. One of the few Ford Master Mechanics locally, Todd has been with us for over 25 years. Starting from the Grafton high school automotive program, Todd completed nationally after being trained here for mechanics and immediately came to work for us. Todd loves boating, camping, and spending time with his teenage son when he isn't working on our cars or cars of his own.

  • Mark Wissing
    Master Ford Tech

    One of the few master mechanics in Ozaukee County, Mark has been working at Schmit Bros for over 20 years. Quiet, courteous, and incredinly intelligent, Mark enjoys working on cars and putting things together. When he isn't here fixing cars, he likes to spend time with his wife and kids, and enjoys lake life on his speed boat.

  • Tom Goetzke
    Dodge Service Tech

    Tom Goetzke has a '25 years in the car industry' feather in his hat, with several of them being here with us at Schmit Bros. He grew up in the Brown Deer area but now lives more locally. When he isn't fixing cars here or cars of his own, he really enjoys the Wisconsin outdoors and loves to hunt and fish.

  • Michael Witte
    Body Shop Tech

  • Dwight Maciejewski
    Dodge Porter / Detail

    Dwight has been working over in detail on our Dodge side for over 10 years. He has been in the automotive industry over 50 years! Isn't that amazing? Dwight was born in Milwaukee and really loves the Brewers, the Bucks, and the Packers. When Dwight isn't here, he loves to go to car shows in his 1968 Camaro with his wife, spend time with his grandkids, and loves to go to ball games with his family.

  • Chris Janssen
    Dodge Parts Advisor
    262 284 1935

    Chris has spent over 22 years in the automotive industry; starting out washing windows, checking tires, to oil changes, management, and now the parts manager at Schmit Bros. He has worked at a handful of dealerships, but enjoys his work at Schmit Bros the most because of the atmosphere and the notion that family comes first. When Chris isn't here, he is spending time with his wife and his 2 daughters. He can also be seen working on cars and playing video games.

  • Vicki Irle
    CDJR Office Manager
    262 284 3100

    Vicki Irle is our Dodge office manager and has been with us at Schmit Bros over 26 years. Vicki has had several different office positions in her time at Schmit Bros and is the perfect person to run the roost on the Dodge side. When Vicki isn't working she loves to travel, enjoys walking, and her cat Willie.

  • Cristi Winkler
    Office Administrator
    262 284 3100

    Cristi has been working in the administrative field since 1992 after leaving a career in cosmetology. Moving to North Carolina from West Bend Wisconsin in 2009 and then back to Wisconsin a few years later after completing an international school of ministry and becoming ordained, Cristi has been on 2 American Family Game shows (and won both times!) When Cristi isn't here at Schmit Bros, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, working on her writing (she has published a book and is working on another) and starting an online talk show for encouraging and giving hope to others.

  • MJ Schmit
    Dodge Parts Advisor

  • Terry Vincevineus
    SEO Specialist/Blog Writer
    262 284 8844

    Born and raised in Ozaukee County, Terry Vincevineus does our blog, vlogs, writing, and posts here for us at Schmit Bros. Her roots run deep here; her dad Bill Hoffman was the Dodge Parts manager and worked at Schmit Bros for over 30 years. She says she enjoys the family atmosphere and working here "feels like home". When Terry isn't working, she does a lot of her own writing, photography, travelling, trips to her cabin in the Northwoods, and spending time with her husband and children.

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