Best of the Best: Ford Bronco & Maverick Recognized by Car and Driver in "10Best Trucks and SUVs" List

The 2023 Ford Bronco® and 2023 Ford Maverick® have been recognized by Car and Driver in the "10Best Trucks and SUVs" list. For Bronco, it marks the second consecutive year appearing on a "10Best" list.

The vehicles were reviewed on a 100-point scale by Car and Driver editors and selected based on the publication's criteria: delivering on the vehicle's intended purpose better than its competition, offering great value, and entertaining to drive.

Vehicles Well Deserving of Recognition

The full list is available now on the Car and Driver website and will be in the publication's February/March issue, which will be available everywhere by Feb. 7, 2023. Car and Driver said the following about each vehicle:

Ford Bronco

"Although the hype is passing and Broncos are now a common sight, we're still smitten with this SUV, which combines supreme open-air off-road chops with tolerable highway manners. Recent additions to the lineup include the retro Heritage model, the swamp-creature Everglades, and the all-conquering Raptor, which hits 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and comes with tires that would do it proud at the King of the Hammers competition. Minimalists can get a four-cylinder two-door model with steel wheels. Realists might go for a four-door Outer Banks and its on-pavement civility. And survivalists can park an Everglades, with its winch and snorkel, at their bug-out compound. All those models share a commitment to fun, an attitude that driving ought to be a good time. A Bronco is supposed to deliver a little spark of excitement every time you fire it up. And in its third model year, it definitely still does."

Always consult the Owner's Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear.

Ford Maverick

"The Maverick makes a very strong case for a compact pickup. The cab doesn't require a big climb to get into. Loading its bed doesn't mean lifting heavy cargo four feet off the ground. And the sightlines actually allow you to see what's in front of you. Easy to own, easy to use, and easy to live with, the Maverick proves that when done right, a compact truck is the just-enough truck. It may lack the body-on-frame construction of its bigger siblings, but with up to 1,500 pounds of payload capacity, this isn't a truck in name only. It may not tow a jetliner, but the 250-hp turbo 2.0-liter's 4,000-pound max rating can handle real-life tasks such as a small snowmobile trailer or a pair of personal watercraft. At the same time, the standard front-wheel-drive-only hybrid powertrain tugs just 2,000 pounds but returns an eye-popping 42 mpg city, according to the EPA."

EPA-estimated rating of 42 city/33 hwy/37 combined mpg, 2022 Ford Maverick with 2.5L FHEV engine, FWD. Actual mileage will vary.

Consistent Excellence

This recognition joins the shelf of awards and honors the vehicles have received since being unveiled in 2021. Below is a snapshot of some of the awards and honors:

Ford Bronco

  • 2022 North American SUV of the Year
  • Forbes - 2022 Forbes Wheels of the Year
  • Top Gear - 2021 American Car of the Year
  • iF Design Gold Award 2021
  • Car and Driver - 2022 10Best Trucks & SUVs
  • Motor1 - Best Adventure Vehicle

Ford Maverick

  • 2022 North American Truck of the Year
  • KBB Best Buy Awards - 2022 Best New Model and Best Compact Pickup
  • TFLTruck - 2022 Best Truck of the Year
  • Detroit Free Press - 2022 Truck of the Year
  • The Detroit News - 2021 (Maverick) & 2022 Vehicle of the Year (Maverick Tremor)
  • Newsweek - Autos Best Family Truck
  • Motor1 - 2022 Best Value

Information on this page comes from the Ford Media Center's Press Release.